Sunday, May 19, 2013

Slacking and no creativity

I really wanted to blog twice a day and make sure my house is clean every day but my heart and body just haven't been into it lately. With pregnancy hitting it's third trimester, I am so fatigued and sore that I just can't do it right now... But that's just the slacking part of my life currently.
Here comes why I'm really just saying what I need to say: NO CREATIVITY!
I really want to plan my own baby shower (tacky, I know) but I have reasons behind this.
1.) I hate asking people to do it for me when I already have enough kids to almost make a baseball team.
2.) I know it'll be done the way I want.
3.) I know it will look and run the way I want.
You know pregnant ladies, they need to have it their way sometimes. ;oP
4.) I don't want to rely on people to have to put out their own money to do something like this for myself or my husband when EVERYONE on this planet is struggling with finances right now.

Then I run across all those negativities in my own little head
1.) People are going to think I'm just asking for gifts for myself so I should just ask someone to spend their momey and say, "Screw it"
2.) I feel selfish doing it because I don't want people to think that I ant to be lavished upon...this is for my baby...not me
So many things running through my head right now.

Now...I have done research, thought up a theme (I'll get to more on that in a minute), figured out games, a location, a date and time, and a guest list.
So here's the deal...I want to do a baby shower as a coed thing. In essence, instead of me getting all the gifts for our wonderful baby girl, I want to spoil Matt as well. I thought, "Baby showers are just for women, right?" WRONG! They are for the parents-to-be and the gift are for baby. So what I did was plan, basically, 2 baby showers in one. One for the women to enjoy and one for the men. Kids are welcome too! Because, Kendra sat down with me and thought of some activities the kids can do while the men do their thing and the women do the girly games and such.

I thought that I could do a Diaper Party for Matt, where the men could just bring a pack of diapers/wipes as their gift (that's way less to think about at least) and while the women play their girly games, the guys could play poker...Good idea, I thought. I also thought about instead of doing just diapers or wipes from the guys, they could help me build a "Diapering Kit" with a tool belt (that includes, tongs to grab the dirty diapers with, rubber gloves so he doesn't have to get close, and a clothespin so he can plug his nose), a tool kit (with all the essentials like diaper rash cream/ointment, baby powder, wipes, diapers, etc), and his novelty kit (a Diaper Genie filled with bag refills, headache medicine for those nights that Charlotte just isn't happy, earplugs, and novelty t-shirts that say things like, "Daddy needs a time out"). As well as creating a diaper cake for him that he can keep and use the essentials from. Which I want to CREATE myself! His theme would be bees and dragonflies because they can be done neutrally in either sex and still not be so overwhelmingly girly that all the guys are uncomfortable with just hanging out. And then they can play poker and "bullshit" (I was going to say chit chat but that just sounded too girly to me ;oP) for an hour.

While all of that is going on, I was thinking that the kids could have their own party (even though we'll all be in the same location) with a craft that would be dedicated to Charlotte instead of trying to plan games prizes for them. I was thinking maybe a onesie party for them...they each get a blank onesie, some magic markers or puff paint or whatever, and spend 30 minutes creating whatever they would like for Charlotte. They would have one game called the Birthday Card game but that just uses construction paper, markers, etc. That would take up their other half hour.

And last would be the party for women. As I stated before, we are all in the same location but doing things that are more appropriate for that sex/age instead of trying to keep everyone happy when more than likely, they end up bored because all they get to do is watch...The theme for the women would be ladybugs and butterflies (because those are the more girly insects ;oP). I already have games and prizes figured out. I even have a timeline figured out so the party DOES NOT last more than 2 1/2-3 hours. I know the games would last about an hour (total, not each) but they are fun and I know time would go by fast.
I have even come up with party favors, a gift for my mom and Matt's mom (for giving us life so that we could eventually find each other) and a gift for Matt (thanking him for being such a great dad to all of our kids). I have come up with cake designs (one bee/dragonfly and one ladybug/butterfly) and flavors (one chocolate swirl and one just plain white/yellow cake for variety), what I kind of want the area to look like once it's decorated (like it's a themed baby shower and not just kind of thrown together), etc.....

So needless to say, I'm not necessarily lacking creativity, I am lacking how to do it CHEAP! I am lacking how to CREATE Matt's diaper cake, decorations/centerpieces, etc. I know I can get plates, utensils, cups, tablecloths, etc at the Dollar Store...but, let's face it, it's the dollar store and they don't always carry confetti, specific decorations (I'd like my decorations to make a theme...insects, remember?), etc... That is where I need the help...I need to know how to make things for this, to hang up, to keep Matt's part of it a secret from him, to make my invitations (which I have researched online, tried all the Office apps like Excel, Word and Publisher...I cannot find just what I'm looking for...), and to do it all as cheaply as I can. I keep saying cheap because I keep asking myself, "Why am I spending money on things that will last me a day when I can keep that money and get Charlotte what she might need?" But I want ambiance and not just a "hey, let's meet at the park and hope that it looks okay" kind
of party.

Anyway, that's my rant...any help? I know I have creative friends out there!!! Let me know ;o)

Have you ever ran into a creativity slump? What did you do to fix it?